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The first few days of a newborns life are so precious and because babies change so quickly it’s important to capture the freshness and the small details that will soon change. Ilona’s specialty is photographing newborns and young babies. Ilona combines years of experience working with infants and her photographic passion to create truly individual works of art that capture the uniqueness of your child.


Ilona leaves space in her schedule for newborns but in order to ensure a session when you baby is born please call while you are pregnant to book and make arrangements for the session to take place after your babies birth. Booking ahead of time allows Ilona to note your due date on her calendar and make sure space is available for you once your little one arrives.

Ilona prefers to photograph newborns with in the first 10 days of life – days 6-8 are usually the best for capturing newborns while they are still bendy enough to easily pose. Older babies tend to sleep less soundly and are more likely to be colicky or have newborn acne. Most babies do best in the earlier hours of the day so morning sessions are preferred.

Every session is unique to your child. Newborn sessions are slow paced with a lot of feeding and soothing. It’s not unusual for a newborn session to take upwards of 4 hours, however, Ilona is usually able to capture enough images and complete sessions in about 2.5 hours.

To view more newborn images please view the newborn section of the portfolio.


Ilona comes to your home and uses your babys nursery, living room, bedroom, backyard, porch, garden and front yard or you can come and bring your newborn to her home studio located in Buckhead, Atlanta.


Best are neutral tones and colors. Avoid white. Mom should feel comfortable and pretty.No bows or flowers on newborns.Diaper covers and small newborn onesies are great. Ilona has a big selections of newborn blankets, wraps, hats, headbands, etc. If you would like to purchase hat or headband for your baby go to etsy where you can find huge assortment of baby
items.Any special props represent your family heirloom or being close to your heart is great value.

For more information about scheduling a session fill out the contact form on this site  email Ilona Hastings directly or call/text 404 424 9545 .

Ilona is an on-location lifestyle, modern portrait photographer specializing in newborn and baby fine art photography.Photography by Ilona is based in Buckhead, Atlanta and serves Atlanta and the surrounding area.